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We’re on a mission
(and so are you!)

You want the very best for your Homeowners Association or Condominium community,
and we want to help you reach your goals by updating your governing documents.
We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective,
amended set of governing documents
for HOAs and Condos throughout Florida.
Outdated governing documents…
Lack vital statutory updates
Have provisions that no longer jive with your contemporary community
May even expose the community to lawsuits
What if your association could…
Perform strong criminal and credit background checks on incoming buyers and tenants?
Require the Association to indemnify the Board of Directors, protecting each of you from lawsuits?
Protect your community from AirBNB and Sober Homes?
Require even service and companion animals to follow the rules… or else mandate their swift removal?

Are you ready to update your docs?

  • Delete developer provisions
  • Consolidate your amendments
  • Understand your Bylaws
  • Enforce your rules
  • Collect the money you’re owed
  • Protect your community
  • Implement statutory updates—automatically
  • Prepare your association for the future
  • Create a searchable set of the documents that work for you
Your Board of Directors will collaborate with our legal team to develop governing documents that suit your needs—without breaking your budget.
Know your costs before you begin with a comprehensive custom proposal.
Updated Bylaws protect your Community.
They reflect the modern values of your residents.
They’re easier to read, easier to understand, and easier to enforce.
The governing documents update process
1. Retain our services to begin the process
2. Review the checklist with your Board of Directors
3. Our legal team will work in collaboration with your Board of Directors to create your new governing documents
4. Receive your new Declaration, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation, custom tailored to your community
5. Obtain your membership’s approval
6. Record your brand new documents
Two Ways to Contact Us for Your Custom Quote
you may have questions
      (and we have answers)
What Documents are Updated?
Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations have three governing documents: the Declaration, the Bylaws, and the Articles of Incorporation.

The Declaration is the “contract with the membership” – it contains things like pet restrictions, vehicle restrictions, guest rules, the ability to do background screening on incoming buyers and tenants, insurance obligations, and other things that affect every community member’s everyday life.

The Bylaws are your go-to for procedures such as who gets to vote? How many members comprise the board? When are your elections? Who can be on the board? Who can call meetings? When is the annual meeting?

And the Articles of Incorporation are your contract with the State of Florida that incorporate you as a corporation-not-for-profit.

All three documents reference one another, and it’s important to have congruency. Our package includes comprehensive, custom-tailored updates to all three documents—the Declaration, the Bylaws, and the Articles of Incorporation—for one price.
Why is it important to have a complete proposal showing the estimated costs for the entire project from start to finish?
Traditionally, updating governing documents has been very, very expensive--$10,000, $25,000, and even more than that, sometimes. Many of our new associations have begun the process with another firm and, $15,000 into the project have run out of money… without even finishing.

We have refined the process to a stream-lined experience for our clients. The board shoulders a bit more responsibility – giving us lots of information about your association—and then we collaborate together on the tougher provisions, ensuring you have the very best guidance and governing documents that are perfect for your community.

We’ve done this a lot, and have the process down to a science!

When you have a complete proposal up front — you know ahead of time how to budget. Our proposal includes all the details from the search for original documents and amendments all the way through the mailing of proxies and finally recording of your new documents..

Additional services are available—but in our experience—they aren’t essential for every community. A la carte you can request our presence at town hall meetings, board meetings, or assistance with mailings… and we’re happy to help in any way! Our hourly rate on most additional "extras" are $300.00/hr for attorneys and $150/hr for paralegals. Estimates for all services are available prior to commitment.
Do we have to have our own list of updates, or do you provide ideas?
Not at all! We provide not only guidance about your community standards, but also lots and lots of ideas from all of the other communities with whom we work! Some of the most popular updating provisions these days include: preventing AirBNB and sober homes, creating a non-smoking building (while grandfathering in current residences), eliminating investors, protecting the association from corporate takeover, and screening new residents and tenants for criminal histories and good credit references!

Believe me, we have a nine-page checklist of ideas to help protect and modernize your community!
Can we just do a simple amendment?
Absolutely! At no cost, we can offer a quote to you for any size amendment – a paragraph, fifteen pages, redlined or restated, and everything in between! Some simple amendments with which we assist include: lowering the voting requirement for amendments, updating bank provisions, and creating tenant/buyer screening standards!
Do we get to work with a lawyer?
Yep! You will collaborate with your attorney by through a telephone conference to create your governing documents! If requested as an a la carte service, an attorney can also attend board meetings and town hall meetings, only as needed by your community.
Are there additional hard and soft costs?
YES! And you should always know them ahead of time! Many law firms tell you, “We charge $300.00 to $400.00 per hour to update the documents…” and they don’t let you know that you will also have to budget for: printing, mailing, envelopes, the recording costs, certified mailings to mortgage holders, and mortgagee searches. When the Association unexpectedly gets hit with the hard costs, it can really make or break their governing document experience.

We don’t want our clients to be surprised by a bill, ever!

We break down each of your estimated additional hard and soft costs in your original proposal. Drop us a line or give us a call. We just need to know how many units are in your community, and we will send you a proposal that includes all of those hard costs!
How much time does it take to update documents?
This depends quite a bit on you! As soon as you retain our services with payment, we send you a packet of information you need to get started. We also are ready to schedule your telephone conference within the following fourteen days. That said, some associations need a bit of extra time—someone’s on vacation, or it’s hard to coordinate calendars with everyone. (And that is perfectly alright!)

You will also have an opportunity, after our phone conference, to review everything before we create your docs. Rewriting 60-100 page documents takes a bit of time! We ask for six-to-eight weeks to create your new documents, and then we send them to you.

Once you get them, you’ll start “getting the vote” in your community! Some Associations can do this within a few weeks—and for others, the process can be months! This timeline is what fits best for your community, and we are happy to provide support in any way needed.
When can we start?
We accept governing documents assignments on a first-come first-serve basis.

A lot of associations tell us they wish they’d started sooner—there are so many great changes to be made in governing documents! More seriously, the first step is for you to contact us with the number of units in your community. We’ll send you a custom proposal, and the amount of the retainer to get started!

As soon as we receive your retainer payment, we’ll get you started with the intake package and your phone conference!

Updating governing documents can be an exciting time for your community—there are so many incredible updates to protect and modernize your association!

And it’s one of our very favorite things to do, period. We’d love to help you!
Are you ready to begin?

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